QSL Cards via EDR QSL Bureau

I will accept QSL cards via EDR QSL Buro. Please save your card (unless I have ordered your card) and use Clublog OQRS and/or LoTW and eQSL.

I am manager for:

5P12EU, 5P14EHC, 5P5X, 5Q2T, KH0/OZ0J, KH8/OZ0J and KH8/OZ1RH, OU2W, OX/OZ0J, OX0J, OZ5M, OX5T, OZ0J, OZ1DJJ, OZ1ETA, OZ150ITU, OZ90IARU, T88VW and XP5T.

CU down the log.

73 Joe (OZ0J and 5Q2T)